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Dacoblue Collapsible Diesel Pack - Full Kit

Dacoblue® Collapsible Diesel Pack - Full Kit

The Dacoblue Fuel Pack Full Kit Includes:

  • 1 green Dacoblue flexible fuel pack (20L)
  • 1 lifting harness
  • 4 Dacoblue carabiners
  • 4 types of lids (storage cap, wide mouth pour/fill adapter, 3/4 thread adapter, fuel tank adapter)
  • 1 flexible filler neck / pouring spout (3/4 thread)
  • 3 snap-on / snap-off lifting handles

Revolutionise the way you transport, store and use diesel or water on any adventure whether you are sailing on a boat or bush bashing in your caravan.

With Dacoblue's Full Kit Fuel Pack, you can easily transport and store up to 20L of diesel like never before. Designed to make it more comfortable and easy to refuel your yacht, car or caravan, the Dacoblue Fuel Pack is flexible, collapsible and can be converted to a backpack so you can move up to 20L of liquids easily, ergonomically, and hands-free. When full, the Dacoblue Fuel Pack is stable enough to stand freely and upright on its own for hassle-free storage. Once you have used up your diesel, the Dacoblue Fuel Pack folds up to a small and easily stored size making it perfect for use in a boat, on a ute, or in a caravan where every last cm of space counts.

To use your Dacoblue Fuel Bag, simply fill the bladder bag with diesel and then use the lifting harness to carry your portable Dacoblue sack like a shoulder bag or wear it as a backpack. No matter how you use your Dacoblue Portable Fuel Pack, it is guaranteed to be easier and more versatile than using a standard rigid Jerrycan.

Are you ready to move 20L of diesel around hands and worry-free?

Thanks to the specialised thread fittings, the Dacoblue Fuel Pack is suitable for more than just the transport of your diesel...

  • Use it as a diesel fuel tank on a sailing yacht or powerboat
  • Use it as extra diesel storage in your truck or caravan

Each bag comes with the following four fittings to use on the 5cm (2in) diameter wide main valve:

  • Storage cap
  • Wide-mouth 5cm (2in) filling/pouring adapter cap- fits a 3.8cm (1.5in) hose with a male connection
  • Fuel tank adapter cap - fits an 8mm hose with male a connection
  • 3/4 thread adapter cap - fits 3/4 thread male connection garden hose adapters and 3/4 thread filling necks/pouring spouts with male connections



Reinventing the way you transport, store, and use water and fuel on your boat, in your caravan, or when camping.

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