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Hydroponic Surfskate Skateboard - HAV - Black - Yellow



The closest thing to surfing on land, the Hydroponic surfskate skateboard collection has been inspired by surfers wanting that same feeling while cruising the streets

With a custom designed truck system that allows rotation of the front truck and a “fin” effect by placing weight over the back truck, you will be carving your local streets with a similar sensation of surfing your favourite breaks.

The Hydroponic HAV Surfskate was a collaboration with HAV surfboards and inspired by “old school” skating and surfing. The 80’s style deck features minimal concave and a rounded flat nose – Ideal for dropping five toes on the nose! With a square rounded tail the HAV surfskate skateboard allows you to transition back into your regular skating mode for ollies and other flat ground tricks, making this a truly versatile board for shredding and carving.

Construction: 7 plies of Canadian Hard Rock Maple and Epoxy Resin, capable of resisting weights of 350 kg/cm².

Deck Dimensions: 30 x 10 inches

Wheel base: 16,9 inches

Trucks: Surf Skate Trucks 160 mm

Bushings: 85A Barrel + Cone / EXTRA SET 82A Barrel + Cone

Bearings: HYDROPONIC ABEC 7 with Spacers

Wheels: BUDDHA WHEELS TRICKY Yellow, Centre Set, 65 x 51 mm, 83A

Buddha Wheels Features:

Small Carving and Cruising wheels. Semi-square lip and a wide CP for its reduced diameter, these wheels are ideal for small-sized cruisers designed as urban transportation, very stable and small enough to offer a quick response in sharp turns, as well as Surf Skates.

Color: Yellow Fluor

Diameter: 65 mm

Contact Patch: 51 mm

Durometer: 83A

Core: Center Set

Lip: Semi-square

Type: Carving, Cruising, Surf Skate


If you are looking for another hobby to keep you shredding on the flat days, a Hydroponic Surfskate is the answer. 

Conceived for carving the streets, the growing Surfskate industry has been evolving to create a surfing sensation on land and a tool to improve your surfing while keeping dry!

Hydroponic has remained a market leader and pioneer in Surfskate development bringing a range of different decks for different styles.

A Surfskate has an innovative truck system that allows tight surf style maneuvers while pivoting the board in a pumping motion will keep the rider in continuous flow, generating speed without need for pushing with your feet. Swiveling front trucks are an integral piece of the puzzle, while centering your weight over the back trucks gives a “fin effect” for carving.

Surfers worldwide have been adopting the surfskate craze, using it as an integral part of their daily training and fitness routine. It has been said that the body motion used while shredding on your surfskating is similar to that used in the water, keeping loose and limber for your next session in mother ocean.

Non surfers are also taking to the streets on surfskates to enjoy the ride and maneuverability of this skateboarding technique that cannot be experienced on regular longboards or cruisers.

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