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Key Security Lock Box - Pro

Surflogic Australia


Surflogic Hardware Pro System Key Safe Padlock Box - The safest and most deluxe solution to protect your car and house keys whilst you are out enjoying the outdoors and the surf.


Key safe padlock
Weather-resistant all-metal zinc alloy construction
Rubber coated iron steel shackle 

Easy to secure anywhere: attach to your vehicle, your roof racks, wheels, trailer, etc.
Customisable 4-digit combination
Deluxe raised combination wheel - perfect after cold water surf sessions when your fingers are frozen and you can't feel a thing!
Foam backing to protect the surface of your car
Portable and compact - store it in the glove box
Includes Al key FOB blocking bag
Surflogic Pro size capable of fitting all key sizes

Surflogic Hardware Pro Lock Box Specifications:

Exterior Dimensions Interior Dimensions Weight
Width: 78 mm / 3" Width: 72 mm / 2.83" 685 g
Length: 195 mm / 7.67" Length: 115 mm / 4.45"
Height: 40 mm / 1.57" Height: 35 mm / 1.37"


Surflogic Hardware Key Vault Lock Boxes are designed to keep your car keys safe and secure while you are out enjoying the sun, surf and sand. Built to high standards and of high-quality materials, the Surflogic Key Vault Lock Boxes are made of weather-resistant, all-metal zinc-alloy and have a rubber-coated iron steel shackle.  Additional features include a customisable 4-digit combination wheel and a foam padded back to protect your car when in use.

Surflogic Hardware car key lock boxes can be used anywhere you need to secure your keys, including your home, caravan, campsite and car.  With multiple and differentiated lock box options, including three different colours and a range of different sizes and locking options, Surflogic Hardware Key Vault Lock Boxes offer several solutions to keep your keys safe while you are out having fun.

All Surflogic Hardware car and house key safes can be used in conjunction with the Surflogic Car Window accessory and Al Security Bag.


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Pauline Caldow
Holds my key

Sounds like a dumb thing to stay but it holds my fat car key so I can surf knowing my car is safe !