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Wetsuit Pro Dryer

Surflogic Australia


Surflogic Hardware Wetsuit Pro Dryer | Now available in Australia & New Zealand |  Get ready to change the way you dry and store your wetsuits.




Designed for fast drying:
Dry your wetsuit in approximately 30 min (depending on room temperature and humidity)

Powerful airflow system:
6,000 litres of air per minute
3,500 revolutions per minute


Intelligent heat control:
Automated, temperature-controlled airflow designed to dry your wetsuit fast while protecting the integrity of your wetsuit construction


Safety Feature:
Automatic shut-off setting after 60 min of operation


Easy to transport and store:
Removable hanging arms allow compact storage size when not in use


Unlimited hanging possibilities:
Adjustable and strong nylon strap
Aluminium carabiner with foam cover protector

Drying time:
3 mm wetsuit Between 30 and 40 minutes (depending on room temperature and humidity)
4 - 5 mm wetsuit Between 35 and 60 minutes (depending on room temperature and humidity)
+6 mm wetsuit Between 45 and 75 minutes (depending on room temperature and humidity)


Size in Use:  450 x 177 x 157 mm / 17.70" x 6.95" x 6.15"
Length of cord:  3 m / 9.85'


Durable construction

1.800 W

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